All organized societies have someone whose responsibility is to assure, with independency, that all documents produced are authentic and valid. Most important, all documents must clearly and truthfully express the will of all the parts involved. Back to the period of Estado Novo, when Salazar oversaw the government, the Portuguese notaries have received a new status: from liberal professionals, they became public officials. In 2005, notaries have become independent of the government.

A notary has the responsibility to prevent conflicts and to assure that all contracts made will be respected and fully accomplished.

The notary applies the Law, finds solutions and is capable to adapt agreements according to the circumstances of those who are in need. So, the notary´s responsibility reflects in some way the past, the present and the future experience of a society.

“La mas noble función de un escritor es dar testimonio, como acta notarial y como fiel cronista, del tiempo que le ha tocado vivir.”

Camilo José Cela


Approved by acclamation in the Plenary Session of the 8th International Congress of the Latin Notary in October 1965 and whose author has been the notary in Guayaquil, Dr. Jorge Jara Grau.

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